Do you want to feel alive, dynamic, and lit up?

Do you want to love your amazing life?

Do you want to experience a sensually delicious relationship?

Awaken the WOMAN within


You're really good at making things happen at work and at home.

You're amazing at taking care of everyone else’s needs (at least most of the time).

You are ambitious, and have the results to show for it.

You value family, professional achievement, and personal satisfaction.

You know how to make things happen and can handle whatever gets thrown at you.

When will it be your turn?

  • Do you know what everyone else needs but you’re not really sure what you need--and don’t know when you’ll be able to figure that out?
  • Do you have lots of desires, but feel shut down and ashamed about it?
  • Do you know exactly what you want but feel uncomfortable asking for it, or receiving it?

Look, I get it!

The first time someone asked me to write down my desires, I just stared at the blank paper and hoped no one would notice my page was empty.

I could 've written a grocery list, or what my kids needed for camp, or the most detailed description of my work projects...but a list of what I desire…I didn’t know where to begin!

I was so sick of feeling disappointed...without really knowing what was missing. 

I learned to dance with my desires
...and my life has never been the same!

It’s vibrant, full of joy, laughter, playfulness, and delight. 

It's also full of new shoes, luxury travel, a steady supply of fresh flowers, and the most exquisite kisses…

You are a woman, and you deserve to enjoy your dreams and desires too!

Desires: Awaken the Woman Within will show you how!

3 Days

1. Identify Your Desires

(In All Areas of Your Life)

Feel your desire for affection, passion, and joy, as well as for shoes, vacations, and a dream house...

Let yourself dream about what's possible because knowing exactly what you want is key to getting it.

2. Enjoy Receiving

(Everything You Want)

Do you desire something that's taboo, something that someone like you isn’t supposed to want? Are you too much for the people around you? Is it uncomfortable when you get what you want?

Learn how to enjoy your desires, and integrate them into your life.

3. Ask for What You Want

(So It Feels Good To Give It To You)

You may know exactly what you want, feel great about having it, but somehow it never comes your way.

It's time to master the missing piece and ask for what you want so that it feels really good to give it to you.

Access Your Desires and Awaken the WOMAN Within

Lifetime access to 3 incredible videos, that you will want to watch again and again

Workbook to help you clarify the content and make it your own.

Your key to awaken the woman within you, while simultaneously falling in love with who you are, and the life you create.


About Alexandra

Alexandra Stockwell, MD is an Intimate Marriage Expert, also known as “The Intimacy Doctor”.  

Alexandra is a mother of 4 and enjoys a juicy, passionate 25 year marriage. She has coached many hundreds of women on how to embrace their desires and transform their lives, and in Desires, she shares everything you need to "awaken the woman within".

Alexandra is the bestselling author of
Uncompromising Intimacy and host of the highly acclaimed The Marriage Podcast. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, USA Today, Rolling Stone, InStyle, Shape, Best Self, MindBodyGreen, ThriveGlobal and many other publications.


"As a result of Alexandra’s guidance, and learning to think that what I want matters, I've resolved to become the star of my own life! Alexandra's teachings offer a wonderful perspective, always thinking outside the box.  She is original and every course of hers I take, really enriches my life in ways that are both really obvious and also kind of intangible.

I trust myself more and I know how to tell my husband when something is important to me (even if it’s inconvenient for him).

With practice these conversations have become easier, and sometimes fun! I am much happier now!"

- Medical Doctor in the Midwest 

"The “Desires” course is wonderful. It was inspiring and I am really happy I found it.​

Alexandra is amazing. I love her words, how she talks, her emotions and her energy.

The whole thing really resonated for me.

The 3 days were so much fun, so empowering, and yes…

I deserve what I desire!!!!"

 - MonikaLucia Steiner, MD

"I didn’t know what my desires were, (and I hadn’t realized it). Through taking Alexandra Stockwell’s Desires course, I became aware that I had created a persona based on what I thought I wanted due to external influences.

As a result of Desires, I discovered what I truly want.  I had so many “aha” moments and have used what I learned to completely transform my life! I now have a wonderful relationship (because I was able to say what I wanted, and to my surprise, I learned that he wanted the same thing)! I trusted my desire to move across the country and I love my new home. I have learned to speak my truth, and as a result, my whole life is more passionate, authentic, and joyful."

- Alice Bronstein, host of Beautiful People Podcast