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You are a wife, a mother, a very competent career woman. You are used to working hard and winning at work...You are ambitious and usually know exactly what you want from life.

And then there's your relationship. And it's just not so easy to win there...or to even know what to aim for.

I mean, you love your guy. He's amazing in his own right, and your life together is really good.


You yearn for so much more.

You yearn to be cherished.


To feel honored to your core.

You want to Be A Woman first and foremost.

Sexy. Confident. Happy.

And while everything looks pretty good on the have this nagging feeling that there's still a lot to learn about how to be a turned on, powerful woman who enjoys intimacy and passion at home.

You are willing to put in the time and effort, and learn new ways of being...

Hi, I am Alexandra Stockwell and I will show you how.

I met my Harvard trained husband in medical school and for the first years of our marriage, I was intimidated by his mind and his professional prowess. I also was concerned that I was too much for him emotionally.

Too expressive. Too vibrant. Too alive--as I juggled medical training, raising children, running a household, plus a few volunteer projects. 

In those days, I couldn’t bear to have him feel threatened-- So, yup, I dialed down so he would be comfortable, and I know you know what I am talking about.

That was then...Fast forward and we have been married for
25 years. We have an extraordinary, collaborative marriage. We raise our four children together and each of us has busy professional lives.  We both feel supported, and super turned on with one another.

I have learned how to honor myself, know what I desire, ask for it, and open to receive it.  I will show you how to do so too.

I have trained hundreds of people, many of them women who loved their men but knew it could be so much better.

More love. More intimacy. More erotic connection. More mystery, more depth, more vulnerability and more play.

Because having an amazing marriage...well, it changes everything. 

It gives me more energy to thrive in my work.
It turns parenting into a deeply gratifying and collaborative endeavor.

It makes life exciting, and of course, my marriage itself is filled with pleasure, expansion, unexpected delights and ever more opportunities to learn and grow. Together.

If you want this too, join me in CHERISHED, for the woman who is ready to elevate her relationship!

  • Intimate program for up to 6 women
  • 90 days of sisterhood and individual growth
  • 3 group coaching calls each month
  • 1 private coaching call
  • All calls on Zoom
  • Facebook group for celebrations, questions, and other shares between calls

Investment: $2997.00